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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

may is mental health awareness month | Terezia Farkas | depression help

by Terezia Farkas

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

For more information on how you can participate or, to help someone who has mental illness, visit Mental Health America.

When someone you know has cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, you want to help the person now. You likely can’t sit on the sidelines, waiting for the person to ask for medical attention. You want to save the person’s life. You want to help stop or reverse the symptoms. You want to do it yesterday!

Why wait?

So why do we wait until someone is so depressed that suicide seems like a good choice? Why don’t millions of Americans suffering from mental health issues feel they can freely talk about how they feel? Why is mental health such an ugly, dirty word?

Mental Health Awareness Month is your chance to talk about depression, or any other mental health problems. There are different types of mental health problems, and chances are you know someone suffering from one. Depression. Bipolar disorder. ADHD. OCD. Personality Disorder. Anxiety Disorder. PTSD. Eating Disorders. These aren’t something to be embarrassed or ashamed over. These are as serious as cancer or heart disease. They need treatment. And you need love.

At the first sign

According to Mental Health America, 84% of the time between first symptoms and first treatment is spent not recognizing the symptoms of mental illness. Around 13% of children between ages 8-15 experience some form of mental illness, including depression. Imagine a young child who is depressed and needs help, but the adults are in denial. It happens. Depression in children is too often dismissed as “It’s just something he’s going through” or “She just wants attention.”

The delays in treatment for mental illnesses are longer than for many other health conditions. With depression, as long as you’re not an immediate threat to yourself or anyone else, you’re released from emergency the same day that you go in. The wait to see a mental health professional can take months, even years. This needs to change.


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may is mental health awareness month | Terezia Farkas | depression help


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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